Praise for Heat 2

“A genuinely exhilarating expansion of the movie’s world, complete with . . . . some truly jaw-dropping, bullet-filled set pieces.”
–Rolling Stone

“A hard-boiled, cinematic read that moves as fast as a well-planned heist.”

“The best novel of 2022 (or any other year).”

Heat 2 is a brilliant and riveting novel with rich and real characters and powerhouse storytelling that represents one of the most authentic evocations of criminals and the cops who hunt them down that I’ve ever read. The first novel from Michael Mann (and Meg Gardiner) is a tour-de-force that works as a standalone but also honors, deepens and expands Mann’s iconic film by placing all the key characters in an intricately detailed and emotionally involving new story that takes place before and after Heat.”
—Don Winslow

“An epic journey… riveting… Gardiner and Mann are legends, and this book will be a best seller that leads the cry for a film version.”
—Library Journal [starred review]

“Michael Mann’s HEAT is one of my all-time favorite movies. Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner’s HEAT 2 is now one of my favorite suspense novels. The voice of this book is a brilliant melding of the way we talk and the way we think… I’m already quoting lines from HEAT 2 to my writer friends (shamelessly saying the lines are mine).”
—James Patterson

“As in The Godfather, Part Two, Mann and Gardiner’s riveting thriller functions as both a prequel and a sequel. . . . The best thing about this innovative tale is the way the fully fleshed human stories support and even transcend the often-breathtaking action.”
—Booklist [starred review]