Publisher: Signet
Year: 2008

When Evan Delaney’s father disappears, the cops think he’s fled the country to avoid prosecution. But Evan is sure he’s been abducted or killed for reasons associated with his work for Naval Intelligence. As Evan hunts for clues, she’s attacked by an armed man. The attacker ends up dead and turns out to be a federal agent. Now Evan is on the run, implicated in his murder. And then she’s contacted by a sinister duo a madam and gigolo mother-and-son team who claim her father was mixed up in their very dirty business. Can Evan save her father’s reputation and his life?

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Evan Delaney: CV

Name: Kathleen Evan Delaney

Vital Statistics
Age 34
5’7″, 135 lbs. (170 cm, 61 kg)
Birthday: February 12
Nationality: USA

Location: Santa Barbara, California

Work Experience
Freelance journalist for publications including California Lawyer, Stanford Lawyer, The American Lawyer and Los Angeles magazine
Freelance legal researcher/”brief doctor” for law firms in Southern California
Former associate at Sanchez Marks LLP, Santa Barbara
Author of the novels Lithium Sunset and Chromium Rain

Academic Background
Stanford Law School: J.D.
University of California Santa Barbara: B.A. in English
Bassett High School, China Lake, California

Admitted to Active Practice as an attorney by the State Bar of California
Active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America


  • Father — Philip James Delaney, Captain, USN, Retired
  • Mother — Angela Wheeler Delaney
  • Brother — Brian Delaney, Lt. Commander, USN
  • Half-sister — Georgia Delaney
  • Nephew — Luke Delaney

Relationship: Engaged to Jesse Matthew Blackburn

High Profile Cases
Investigation of extremist religious sect The Remnant (China Lake)
Investigation of the hit-and-run crash that injured Jesse Blackburn (Mission Canyon)
Search for thieves who have stolen her identity (Jericho Point)
Hunt for the killer who has attacked her high school reunion (Crosscut)
Search for her father after he goes missing (Kill Chain)
Investigation of the death of Phelps Wylie/Rescue of Edge Adventures clients (The Nightmare Thief)


Evan Delaney Quiz

Readers, friends, and folks who have stumbled randomly upon this website: test your knowledge of the heroine in Meg’s novels.

1) Evan Delaney is

1. a guy
2. a gal
3. I thought this quiz was about heroin.

2) Evan lives in

1. China Lake, California
2. Santa Barbara, California
3. The twisted depths of her author’s imagination

3) Evan’s favorite animal is the

1. ferret
2. puppy
3. Ford Mustang

4) She works as a

1. freelance journalist
2. Bangkok tour guide
3. Diana Ross impersonator

5) The love of her life is

1. Toby Keith
2. Jack Daniels
3. Jesse Blackburn

6) Jesse is a

1. lawyer
2. gun for hire
3. there’s a difference?

7) Evan’s favorite sport is

1. baiting fools
2. wasp-wrestling
3. outrunning Dobermans

8) She grew up on

1. fast food, fast cars, fast times
2. Hank Williams and Patsy Cline
3. a naval base

9) Which of these things has she not found in her bed?

1. a lifesized inflatable doll
2. a naked FBI agent
3. a good night’s sleep, since finding the other two

10) What does she say about sex?

1. Some things I do straight: drink, sex, bad news.
2. Getting wet has never thrilled me. Getting dirty is something else.
3. God. Whoa. Jeepers Creepers.

11) Did she really say that?

1. I hope not. Good Catholic girls don’t talk about sex.
2. Yes, it’s her answer to every question.
3. No. “That’s a paraphrase. My actual words involved blasphemy and animal sounds.”

Bonus question: Don’t most quizzes stop at 10 questions?

Answer: Yes. But our quiz goes to eleven.

Answers to the other questions can be found in the books.