Praise for Jericho Point

“Meg Gardiner dishes out the gripping plot in tense helpings. Short punchy chapters keep the pace flowing fast and you’ll find it impossible to reach a resting point… Definitely a book for the holiday suitcase.”
– Glasgow Evening Times

“Meg Gardiner has a powerful style; fast-paced, immediate and imaginative. Her depictions of the criminal elements of the Hollywood fringe and the local drugs culture is a tightly observed slice of realism. Evan is a great tough but tender thriller heroine… we are with her all the way as her life is eroded and replaced with a hellish nightmare. This is a relentless, claustrophobic examination of mistaken identity and the terror of being accused of crime for which you are not responsible.”
– Sherlock

“Meg Gardiner has rekindled my interest in thrillers. Her latest Evan Delaney novel is fast-paced, witty and brutal. I’ve got one more word for this novel: movie.”
– The Independent

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